Naples Pier: a Major Fishing Ground In Florida

Among the best fishing spots in Florida, Naples Pier is ranked third and is one of the spots majority of the people have never fished from. According to many, Naples is regarded as a harbour for beautiful real estate, sports cars, as well as mega yachts. Little do they know that the fishing culture in this spot can be dated back to as far as 19th century all courtesy of Naples pier.

Having constructed in 1888, the area was majorly used as a passenger as well as a freight dock and not a fishing ground. After the construction, the spot has been torn down by hurricane three times in 1920, 1926 and 1960 respectively. However, presently, Naples Pier stands as one of the best fishing spots in Florida as well as an icon symbol of Naples.

Naples pier can easily be located approximately 1,000 feet protruding into Florida gulf off 12th avenue south just right of the old Naples. It has provided restrooms, drop nets, two fish cleaning stations as well as a snack shack that sells basic tackle and live shrimp. As a blessing, Naples city has acquired a bulk licence which means that one doesn’t need a personal licence for fishing in Naples Pier. However, if you want to fish, you must ensure that you follow all the rules as expected by the states law.The rules include fish size regulations as well as limits of bags set per season.

Trout, Spanish mackerel, Snook, and Sheepshead are some of the fish species found in Naples pier. Occasionally, other species such as Cobia can still be found in these waters. However fishing of any other species of fish is allowed apart from shark which is forbidden.

If you wish to fish from Naples pier, look for a 7 foot rod with a 20-30lb line which could either be mono or braid. Live shrimp is one of the main baits used in this area. However, live pinfish baits, sardine baits or chunk baits are also used and have the ability of catching you a Snook of your dreams. It is always advisable to stay prepared while fishing in Naples Pier because you never know what you could come out with.

Since pelicans have converted Naples Pier as their home, new fishing laws have been put in place for their protection. The laws include; no feeding of birds, all landed fish to always be kept in the containers, no disposal of fish carcasses into the water and lastly maximum size of the hook to be used is 5/0.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Naples

In today’s competitive world of real estate, it is always important to know a lot of details. For a prospective buyer, there is a need to know more about the community’s geographic location, neighboring communities, amenities, sites to see, and a lot more. These questions add more tasks in the hands of a realtor.

One realtor’s story may be inspiring for other realtors and may also help them find a lot more reasons why their customers should choose the communities they are promoting.

If you are one of those who are selling Naples, then this may be very helpful to you. First of all, Naples is located in Florida, close to the Gulf Coast. It is close to the beach with white sands and turquoise waters. It is a perfect option, especially for people who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis or for people who want to get the most out of their retirement years.

If your customer asks you, ‘why choose Naples?’ then take the following reasons that one other prominent realtor has for his clients.

1 . Perfect weather. If there really is such a perfect weather, then it has to be in Naples. It is quite the best escape from cold winter days especially that the place has very little rain and an abundant supply of sunshine. In addition, the summer is perfect for the beach especially that temperatures reach 90 degrees. But this is cooled a bit with usually 30 minutes of tropical rain showers during the day.

2. Amazing Beaches. As mentioned above, beaches are among the best things Naples can offer. Many magazines have actually rated these as some of the best around the world. Sunset views while relaxing on the beach, accompanied by parties, are a great way to cap your day.

3. Cleanliness. Since there are a lot of communities here, Naples is landscaped and everywhere you look gives you a fantastic view. The garbage disposal system truly works and you would never see a piece of trash on the streets.

4. Ultimate shopping and dining experience. Well, some husbands may cringe at this. But hey, if you love your wife, then you make her happy. In addition, Naples will make them happy because of its wide array of shopping centers and dining places. Almost every brand can be seen around here and you can easily find a perfect place to dine in at the end of the shopping spree or just about any time you want to feel fancy. There are also plenty of convenient locations to purchase high end foods to cook at home. There is a Whole Foods in the Mercato shopping center as well as a Trader Joe’s in the Equity Realty plaza

5. Low crime rate. This is perhaps the best thing that Naples can offer. All the other reasons combined with this gives you a perfect, homey and secured living. The crime rate here is very low, as evidenced by the daily blotter record. Patrolling police and a sheriff’s office are always on the lookout for your security.

Remember, it just not just perfect for retirement. It is also perfect for anyone from all walks of life and of all ages.